Rider Info


  • kids (15 and under)
  • girls snowboard all ages
  • open class (16+ male snowboard)
  • skiers all ages
    *$25 registration fee applies to all divisions


  • Each heat will be about 30 mins (finals times may vary)
  • Helmets are required
  • Bibs to be worn on dominate leg
  • Treat other riders with respect
  • Rail Jam cap is 150 participants
  • Riders meeting will be held in Under Armour tent

Judged on

  • style/composure
  • consistency
  • use of entire course
  • creativity
  • magnitude of trick
  • attitude

The amount of judges will depend on location. There will be at least 3 judges at all tour stops.

Prize Packages

  • Headphones from AERIAL 7
  • Hats from KANGOL
  • Jackets from UA MTN
  • Gloves from GRENADE
  • Cash from the division entry fees