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Meet the Crew: Joe Val + Chris Bush do “Just a Friend”

Killin it…

The Winners from Chicago

The Winners: 15 and under – Nate Wroten Skiers – Jordan Troiani Girls – Jackie Wingate Best of Breed – Paul Buck MC Comp: S-Preme

On the road with the 3rd Rail Jam

Timmy Grins talks about his unfriendly breakup with T-Mobile…

On the road with the 3rd Rail Jam

truck stop pimpin…just a look at the road life

Under Armour 3rd Rail Jam smashes Mountain Creek

Wow. What a day. In our 4th year at Mountain Creek the crowds came in a big way. We had a lot working in our favor, for one it was our 4th year at the Mountain, two the park build was beyond incredible – there was a bus stop in the middle of the course, [...]

Gift of Gab of Blackalicious is confirmed for AZ

Yes Yes Yes…the mighty Gift of Gab has been confirmed for the Flagstaff Arizona stop of the 3rd Rail Jam…oh my oh my oh my…3rd Rail Jam is the illest

Killing tons in Killington

Ladies and Gentlemen, and low lifes, the Under Armour 3rd Rail Jam is underway official.   We killed tons in Killington.   On the first day of 2011 we opened the new campaign in the storied hills of Southern Vermont.   We got a real taste of the talent that lurks in those parts from [...]